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Dawn of Corruption

by Distant

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I am born waste in the hull of crows In cradle of ignorance - malignant wings piercing my skin Engraving the sacred crest Sealing the entity within the glass coffin buried within my chest A mortal deception
A prophecy unspoken The blasphemous regicide The shattered realms as one will unite When the blood of the 7 lords befalls and paints the land in black The earth shatters - new kingdom will arise anew The fallen prophets foretold the fall of the dynasty - the dawn of corruption The wretch will walk this very land The cataclysm of this world unfolds The Ashen kingdom shatters The ancient one is reborn The hunt for the Prince of Death spreads across the 7 realms The one to bring the royal blood - is to receive the chalice of gods We approach the sacred realm, with our blight, darkness, flesh and bone Join us now in the ways of old We have come to the void Blood of the king is spilt Soaking the soil of this shattered realm A new kingdom will rise from the dirt The reign of the ancients A prophecy unspoken The blasphemous regicide The shattered realms as one will unite And rule in the ways of old When the blood of the 7 lords befalls and paints the land in black The earth shatters - new kingdom will arise anew You want my crown come take it, Sycophants and snakes forsaken mistaken, Kindness for weakness, Take another shot at the spot of this juggernaut. I feel my strength drain. I am the Father of Death, at the end of my reign. The cataclysm of this world The Ashen kingdom shatters with the earth
Hellmouth 03:41
Soon we will reach the lair of despair Death will finally regain its throne and lead us into the Void. The Void where my soul has been sealed. The flowers of blood growing on my back - the stench of betrayal. I shall obliterate every last blood of humanity The odious one whose heart pumps the blood of the false creator! I remember the scent of the bastards son. I shall hunt you down for your eternity until I rid this earth of your foul smell. He plucks the thread that make you dance, Surrender in fear, to the lowest of the foul. Submerge through darkness, rancid filth Hour by hour you are moving downward, ever closer to hell. I shall consume thine light, for I am the darkness eternal. Come my friend the Void is calling thine name, Cometh for the solace, silence the truth Now, let the world resonate a bell of chaos That tolls to the apocalypse of humanity Entrap this world in fear
Oedipism 03:28
The hymns of thy destroyer tells about harbinger of this storm. Summoned to leave only destruction in its path. My soul is banished. Tyrannt hath given me the eyes of vengeance that I shall gaze down onto your heads Everlasting covenant, the eyes must never shut He gave birth to death Vile selection of the weak Flooding the lands with the blood of your fucking kin The Tyrannts eyes devouring reality, the visions haunts me - as I watch my body lower to grave Until the light reigns, the eyes must never close Thine shrieks, these wicked cries. Hail to the new king, oppressor of the human scum. Entombed in this human casket Sickness and rot; a walking disease. Behold his creation, the herald of pain Until there’s living being, the eyes must never shut SUFFER Your god is pain Your god is suffering The skies turn red With the blood on your hands Call my name Worship Death
Feel the wrath of the Tyrannt's son Feast on the blood of the innocent The curse of the wretched existence Tormenting my mind Corrupted and twisted Frail and sickening punishment Break my fucking mind I open the temple gates - and punish your world with my suffering Žalospev Ukážem svet jak ho vidím ja Corruption Malevolent roots growing through my bones Hniloba Cez moj hnev ucítiš bolesť Parasite Inherit pain of a dying god Throne with no king - kingdom without crown You’ll all be equal when your flesh boils all the same No names, just faces melted in eternal pain Eternal Suffering Death is singing through your bones laments of your dying hope Temple of Taglaroth, A death of seraph Raised in the cradle of ignorance Awaken the kings and feast on the gods Foundation of bones and flesh Corruption Umierať každý deň je požehnanie Parazit Creeping through the eyes of innocence Skaza Hnev Zealot crowning of the Death Suffering Cítiš bolesť samé utrpenie Taglaroth Curse embedded within human flesh Ničota Skaza uvalená na váš svet Regicide This is upheaval of the fallen god
The Void 01:56
I am weak, so weak. Forever pain. I have seen chasms Beneath the surface, falling away to black nothingness He rises again from the depths Tyrannotophia will rise again Nightmares will crawl Across this world The souls of old will rest silent as they witness the final light of this seemingly eternal dusk. Pain, Agony, Death


Dive into the new dreadful chapter of Tyrannotophia with the story of Gabraath, the son of Tyrannt and heir to the throne at the ''Dawn of Corruption''.


released October 23, 2020


Mix & Mastered: Simone Pietroforte / Divergent Studio

Produced: DISTANT, Simone Pietroforte, Vojtech Pacesny, Jack Higgs

Video: Tomas Ferenc / VLN Production


all rights reserved



Distant Rotterdam, Netherlands

Distant is a Downtempo / Deathcore band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands 🇳🇱.
After numerous tours around Europe and their debut EP “Tsukuyomi” in ‘17, Distant now took it to a next level by signing to Unique Leader Records. Their first album “Tyrannotophia” was released in ‘19. The EPs “Dawn of Corruption” (‘20) and “Dusk Of Anguish” (March ‘21) sequel the band’s lore-based dark story🌙 ... more


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